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Boutique Architecture Firm in Melbourne

At Casper Architecture & Design, we produce spaces that encapsulate exceptional architecture. Our projects are aesthetically captivating, embodying natural light and relaxed flow throughout. We create practical, smart spaces that push beyond conventional architecture to meet our clients’ vision.

Driven by innovation and a passion for quality, Casper Architecture & Design will take your dream from mere concept to reality.

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Residential & Commercial Architecture and Interior Design

Casper Architecture & Design have an exemplary portfolio of work that spans across both residential and commercial architecture, and interior design.

With an in-depth understanding of modern family living, we produce inspired designs that feel like home. We can create warmth and intimacy in grandeur and find and effectively use space in small dwellings. Our commercial spaces are where timeless design feels welcoming. We create designs that are sophisticated yet make your clients feel at ease.

Driven by a collaborative spirit, upon embarking on a new project, we develop a thorough understanding of our client’s vision and work closely from project inception to completion.

Casper Architecture & Design deliver a standard of unparalleled workmanship and create spaces that embody good living.


Innovative Architecture and Design throughout Melbourne

Casper Architecture & Design undertakes projects throughout Melbourne and it’s outer suburbs, such as Malvern, Caulfield and Toorak, producing bold and timeless spaces that are a joy to live in. We also meet the unique design requirements of our clients in the Mornington Peninsula. Our design is guided by the surroundings and environment and we believe coastal and rural architecture and interior design should flow with the natural landscapes.