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How to Work with Your Architect to Achieve Your Dreams

Architects will often say “if it wasn’t for the clients, things would be easy”.

But in truth, with any project, the client plays a vital role in the process, particularly when you work in the residential market, as we do a renovation or new build can be one of a client’s biggest investments, so the more a client can offer in the journey, and it is a journey, the better the out come.

So of course we need a brief. We have built sophisticated and complex homes with a brief set out on one side of a paper napkin. Other briefs have been fully documented and well considered, presented in a folder, page after page of thoughts, needs and requirements.

Rather than buy loads of magazines, we now encourage clients to look at Instagram and other such mediums, often they now create Pinterest accounts to track.

From sketch plan to design development, documentation through to contract administration, we encourage clients to remain focused and enthusiastic about the process.

Honesty is probably the most important thing – from all parties.

We also tell clients they can control two out of three major decisions in the process, cost, size and finish – two but not three. We need to control at least one.

Above all – be realistic.