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Top 5 Architecture and Interior Trends of 2018.

I am often asked by clients and acquaintances about trends and directions I see the industry taking, in both architecture and interior design.

Obviously, a good designer will always keep abreast with trends but more importantly, new products and finishes, that ultimately become the trend in themselves.

The question then becomes how does one stay updated?

1. Just by being out there, in the market place, visiting showrooms, meeting with suppliers and working with great tradespeople and artisans.

2. Visiting exhibitions and trade fairs, both locally and overseas.My favourite is Salone del Mobile in Milan.

3. Magazines, publications & instagram.

So, what are the top 5 Architecture and Interior Design trends for 2018?

Texture: certainly there has been somewhat of a more towards finishes that have dimension to them, something that not only looks good, but feels good too.A wall of recycled timber, a wallpaper finish or a ventian polished plaster feature.  A stacked wall of stone to an entry or an artfully designed feature glass panel.

Colour:  bold, strong and rich painted walls, both internally and featured outside continues to be popular.  A range of blues, greens and reds as well as soft pinks appear in many projects, both in joinery design and architectural detailing.

Structural materials:  also of interest is the use of the structure as a finish, for example, off form concrete for walls and fly overs, rammed earth feature walls, polished concrete floors and exposed concrete slabs for ceilings.  Without the use of plasterboard in many of these instances, the challenge becomes ensuring services are correctly detailed and placed early in a project.

Greenery:  landscaping and surrounding outdoor spaces beyond the house have discovered new meaning to the site itself.  How a room can be extended out to a terrace, perhaps with a pergola or roof extension, furniture, vertical gardens…. a feature tree, a water feature perhaps.  Indoor, outdoor living at its best.

Space and volume:  more and more, good design and architecture is very much three dimensional.  Rather than one room flowing into the next by a door or a passage, now a room may look over into another space or area.  Perhaps rooms are separated by moving screens, rather than doors.  Less formality to rooms, less rooms but rather spaces within a room, defined by furniture and joinery.  Exciting opportunities.

At Casper Architecture and Design, we constantly strive to be new and innovative, always providing buildings that are well considered, well detailed and offering exciting possibilities to the end user. Keeping in touch with the trends, both locally and worldwide allows us to do so.